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But What If We Could Bet On Both Possible Results, Without Giving A Damn About The Outcome, And Still Make Profits??

IMPORTANT: You need to forget what you've been told about gambling and betting online. We practice the term SPORT INVESTING... because (and herein lies the key, so pay close attention)...

We Hate Gambling!

Please consider this a warning before you read any further! If you are looking for gambling advice, this is not for you! We are here to make money and help YOU WIN with us! It`s about INVESTING smartly into sports, not gambling! If you like the thrill of potentially losing your bet, try blackjack or poker. We do NOT follow specific sports, nor are we sports fanatics... this is a business for us and strictly so. Again as awful as that may sound, we do it for the MONEY :)



Read on to discover a life changing opportunity.. you'll be glad you did.

From The Desk Of: Steve C.
"Arbitrageur" And Millionaire

Dear Friend,
My name is Steve C and, together with my Russian friend Michael (you can call him Mike - he prefers that!), we went on a journey to create a lifestyle of wealth and luxury... and we suceeded :)

My neighbours hate me because I drive a 533 PS horsepower black Corvette imported from the United States. I had it modified by German engineers and perfected by car designers in Italy. It's as loud as a jumbo jet, and roars like a stampede of lions amplified by...well, ...big amplifiers :) So I suppose it's no wonder my neighbours get a little upset! Everyone knows when I'm going and everybody knows when I'm back in my geek laboratory working on the next moneymaker ;)

But you know what? I couldn`t care less because life is short and you gotta do what you can to make your dreams come true. My dream was a pimped out car... so what? You want an Audi, a Mercedes, a Ferrari even? Or maybe just a luxurious villa with a huge pool? Well let me help put you on your way with something so unique you won`t believe your eyes....

I studied IT in Austria and I've spent all my life looking for ways to make BIG money. Probably like you, I bought countless E-book systems, affiliate marketing guides, real estate guides, stocks systems, forex robots, etc. and failed miserably with all of them.... (at the beginning!)

Those self-proclaimed Gurus cost me thousands of dollars and in the end, in spite of all my efforts, I got no results. Let`s be frank and shed some light on those "Urban Legends". Because in order to understand what works, we need to get you up to speed on what doesn`t.

Millionaire Myth 1: Affiliate Marketing

Despite the claims of many online gurus, most people fail at affiliate marketing online. By fail, I mean they do not make enough money with affiliate marketing to be able to afford the mythical Internet Lifestyle with sport cars and huge villas.

And yet every day, you will read another sales letter making claims about how you can make a fortune without a website, without an opt-in email list, and without a product of your very own.

Now to some extent, those claims are true. But what they fail to tell you, is that you must have systems set up in order for you to be able to succeed. Without those systems, the sad fact of the matter is, most affiliate marketers (especially those who are new to the Internet or are just starting out) do not have any of the necessary tools in place to make real money.

To top it all off, most people who are attracted to affiliate marketing just do not have the resources they need be successful in their endeavors. They do not have the appropriate training, nor do they have any knowledge about marketing in general. They, therefore, lack the skills that are needed to be able to drive traffic to the products they are promoting via their affiliate links.

Which brings up another point. The traffic acquisition cost is dependent on how much the affiliate marketer is getting paid for each successful transaction.

When the product an affiliate marketer is promoting costs only $25, for example, and the affiliate commission is only 50%, that does not leave very much money for the affiliate marketer to spend on driving traffic through their affiliate link. Especially if they hope to make any profit at all. Which is another way of saying that the profit margins are so low to begin with, it is almost impossible for affiliate marketing to generate any serious income.

What about those high-ticket items which seem to be launched every other week?

Not only does the beginning affiliate marketer have to compete with well established gurus for the affiliate marketing dollar, but the beginner's lack of status in the marketplace almost ensures that nobody will be making a high-dollar purchase through their affiliate link.

The Truth: It's hard as hell... especially in the beginning you need to work your ass off like a maniac, learn how to build websites, how to drive traffic, how to convert visitors to buyers, develop your own product (no, selling someone else's product doesn't work 90% of the time), hone your skills, and compete with 100,000 people trying to do just the same.

+Huge $$$ Potential ONLY if you know what you're doing
Time consuming
Hard to master
Expensive (product development, website costs, advertising expenses and much more. Getting rich overnight? Forget it.)

Am I making money with affiliate marketing? Yes I am, but it took me roughly 5 years to get to that point... and it was everything BUT a "walk in the park" I assure you. But if you want profits in your wallet, then keep on reading because the real killer is coming! :)

Millionaire Myth 2: Forex, Stocks & Binary Options

The Truth: A recent study showed that there is a fifty/fifty chance that the average investor will make money in the stocks game. Basically you could flip a coin and either be on the winning side or the losing side.. it's THAT risky.. So called forex robots have come on the scene which automatically trade money (currencies) on the user's behalf. Some are good, but most are scams or mediocre at best... which means that most of the time, you end up losing your investment. The truth is, you need to have luck and here comes the important thing: it is ALWAYS risky. You can never sleep peacefully because your money is always locked up in the trades and never in your bank account where it should be. The next economic disaster, another world crisis, and your account could be depleted overnight..

+Money can be made
+Not much time required with robots
+A lot of free information available
Always risk losing your money
No control over what is happening
If you want to trade yourself, years of paper trading are required and expensive courses
costing $2000 or more - need to be purchased

Millionaire Myth 3: Paid Surveys, Data-Filling

Yes they exist, but it's not easy to get the surveys that pay big bucks like $50 and up. Most survey sites now award points for basic surveys and gift awards for more focused surveys. The best sites limit the number of participants and will regularly reject applicants who don't meet their current criteria. While it is unrealistic to expect to make a living taking surveys, there are some strategies you can use that will increase your chance of being selected to participate in a survey.

The Truth: You can make some money with paid surveys but it's extremly hard to find them and all those websites that want YOU to pay them to find such surveys for you are a complete RIP-OFF. Stay away!

Beware of survey scams.
+Legitimate companies do pay you (though the earnings are small)
+Filling out surveys does not take much time
Takes a lot of time to find surveys that actually pay you cash
90% are scammers that want YOUR wallet instead of opening theirs
Data mining (i.e. they nose around in your privacy)
You cannot make a living from it and you most sureley cannot become rich.

Sorry, for painting such a gruesome dark picture but I wanted to tell you the truth. You have been brainwashed and I needed to "snap" you back into reality... because you need to know what doesn´t work... and why what I am going to show you will not only leave you breathless and gasping for air, but also...

Change Your
Reality Forever

Over the course of the next few minutes you're going to witness some unreal looking statements, some mind boggling facts so you won`t be able to believe it... that's why I am making my oath here for you to see!

I swear, that the facts and screenshots you're going to see and witness are 100% real and authentic. We make those returns, we place those investments and we fill our wallets AS effortlessly as you're going to see in person.

I swear, that you will use the same software and the same tools we use and that we will put an end to your search for the "holy grail"

and finally I swear, that you Do NOT need any knowledge of sports (I don`t even like them!), nor the internet, nor anything else... In Fact, you can Kiss all those lies goodbye!

100% Winners?
How is it Possible?


In Fact since the middle of 2010 we've won over $ 320,000. That is a HUGE increase over our inital stake sums and we have taken well over 800 bets... having lost... NOT ONCE... no, ZERO losers my friend. And Don`t forget, we had to BUILD our capital up!

All while using our "secret"... Something that has

a) NEVER been done before
b) NEVER been shown on TV (the gaming "lobby" wouldn`t allow it!) and
c) NEVER been in the newspapers (too NEW!).
  And the real Killer of this underdog method is YOU...

So, 'how are we going to make this work?', you may ask. We are going to transform you into a so called "Arbitrageur"..

Excerpt From Wikipedia "The Free Encyclopedia":

In economics and finance, arbitrage (IPA: /ˈɑrbɨtrɑːʒ/) is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices. When used by academics, an arbitrage is a transaction that involves no negative cash flow at any probabilistic or temporal state and a positive cash flow in at least one state; in simple terms, it is the possibility of a risk-free profit at zero cost.

People who engage in arbitrage are called arbitrageurs (IPA: /ˌɑrbɨtrɑːˈʒɜr/)

A lot of mumbo jumbo? The last part says it all so please, let me repeat: "in simple terms,it is the possibility of Risk-Free Profit At Zero Cost!" ← YAY!

Now what is arbitrage in sports?

Another Excerpt From Wikipedia Will Shed Some Light ...

Betting arbitrage, miraclebets, surebets, sports arbitraging is a particular case of arbitrage arising in betting markets due to either bookmakers' different opinions on event outcomes or plain errors. By placing one bet per each outcome with different betting companies, the bettor can make a profit. As long as different Bookmakers are used for arbitrage betting, the Bookmakers do not have a problem with this. Each Bookmaker will still make a profit because they've baked their commission into their calculations.

In the bettors' slang, an arbitrage is often referred to as an arb; people who use arbitrage are called arbers. A typical arb is around 2%, often less, however 4%-5% are also normal and during some special events they might reach 20%.

In Arbitrage betting, what you do is place bets on BOTH teams but with two DIFFERENT bookmakers called "bookies". This way you WILL win a profit regardless of which team wins!
A sporting arbitrage simply arises from different bookies' opinions about the odds of a sporting event.

Now what if I tell you that our average "arb" is WAY over 2%? Actually more in the 15-35% range and sometimes up to 70(!!) percent?

In the interest of full disclosure we can not say that these results are representative of all users. In the purpose of demonstration we display some arbs that appeared in the software or the arb scanners. We do not necessary place these arbs or place actual bets with them because there are thousands of arbs forming in real time and no one can place all of them in real time. Our results are not indicative of future performance or success. We are not implying that these results can be generally expected or achieved by anyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with betting. Past performances do not necessarily indicate future results!
Here Are some of The Biggest "Arbs" found by our 100PercentWinners Software!!
*Real LIVE Arbs obtained by our software are updated often. A Filter has been applied here showing only the biggest arbitrage selections. In reality, the Total number of arbitrages found is probably 10 times that many!

Now The Million Dollar Question Is...

Why do we beat the competition and every so called "manual" arber? How can we achieve much "MUCH" better results than successful professional arbitrageurs? It`s simple: up until now, finding and sizing arbitrages was a FULL TIME JOB! I kid you not!

Just imagine all the number crunching... having to jump from one bookmaker to the next comparing hundreds of games trying to find differences in the odds...It doesn't take a genius to understand that this must have been a tiring job!! And that`s exactly why hardly anyone knows about arbing in the first place... Do you think all of this time and effort really pays off when you can find only one or two opportunities to make a 2% profit??

Up to this very day, arbitrage hunting was something like this:

A poor overworked arbing soul!
A Regular "Arbitrageur"

That poor, poor soul! Manually searching for arbs comparing hundreds of charts and thousands of numbers... Ugly, isn`t it?

Well, we decided that this was not a job for a man (or woman) to do. No, not even the job of many men :) It`s time the machine takes over... As I told you before, people call me Mr. Automate! I was given that nickname for a reason... I like to take a task, take away all the guesswork and work out an automated solution. Because nowadays automation is the key to prosperity.

Comparing hundreads of possible arbitrage solutions is a task that eats up hours..
How About We Compare THOUSANDS Of Opportunities.. PER SECOND?

For more than 8 months now, we have been secretly developing a Software so unique that it`s actually an industry first...

Again: Something like this has NEVER been done before... You won`t see this anywhere else and you won't hear about in the media or in newspapers... It`s a whole new approach to moneymaking and it has been in the works for months... culminating in this first public release.

We are extremely proud to present- after months of research and betatesting...

If you thought you were going to see a petty E-book or a manual betting system, I apologize!... It was never my intention to mislead you or insult your intelligence by trying to "sell" you outdated crap that doesn't work... we decided there is enough B.S circulating the web already so please... my apologies ;)

You know, I'm probably not going to suprise you by telling you that the human mind is capable of incredible things... especially in the creativity department. Artists such as Michelangelo, inventors like da Vinci, or more recent creative minds like Steve Jobs to name a few.

However repetitive and "boring" tasks DULL the human brain and lead to errors... here the machines have surpassed us. Automation greatly decreases the need for human sensory and mental requirements. It plays an increasingly important role in the world's economy and in our daily lives.

So it was only natural for me to take the concept and apply it to arbitrage!.. Let`s dive right in and get into the details...

How It Works
Pinnacle, Bwin, BetFair etc are the trademarks of the corresponding companies. Shown for demonstration purposes only.
Arbitrage Software Facts

In the interest of full disclosure, we can not say that these results are representative of all users. We simply share the results we personally achieved on our accounts during sports investing. Our results are not indicative of future performance or success. We are not implying that these results can be generally expected or achieved by anyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with betting. Past performances do not necessarily indicate future results! Some of the accounts shown on this page are simulation demo accounts and backtests for the demonstration purposes. They give you impression on how the software might work and trade but they do not necessarily indicate future results!

What about money in the bank? Or withdrawls?
Have a look at the kind of sums we pull from the bookies here!

$ 17,000 Banked, $ 9,500 Wired .... pretty nice, isnt it?

Watch As We Pocket $320 In This Video, Legally And Easily..
And This Can Be Done Everyday!

Our Secret Software`s Features
We've Made Tens to Hundreds of Dollars A Day!
Depending on our initial stakes, we've been able to easily rake in 2 to 3 digit profits per bet. But everyone needs to start small, including us. When we were first starting out, we would place small stakes, like $100, and we just built up our bankroll from there! Since we never lose, our earnings compound and soon we'll be in 5-6 digit bankroll-land thanks to the 100percentwinners software!
No need to be a sports guru or fun!
I need to emphasize this again... you need absolutely no knowledge of sports, nor a passion for playing or watching them! In fact, being a sports addict could actually HARM you here because you might have a hard time wagering like the software tells you instead of betting on your favourite team/player.. SO, our advice is... SEE this as a business just like we do and you walk away with money everyday :)
Real-Time Updated Arbs & Easy Install
As soon as you've downloaded the software and setup your bookie accounts, you can start making money... there is NO waiting time. In fact, you will probably have a huge arb sitting there just waiting to be taken advantage of! Chances are, you can make the membership fee back in a few days (depending on the size of your stakes), so you can be in profit as early as next week! If you think of all the courses and applications you've bought in the past, do you really think there is something better in the risks/rewards department? Especially since there is no risk trying it? *see below* Didn`t think so :)
Quick Set-Up
Basically you are ready to go immediately after you sign up. The software connects to the servers and shows you all possible arbitrages. You are ready to make money right then and there! We estimate 2 hours for reading all of the in-depth material we provide, but you could easily watch 2 episodes of "Lost" and stay in that timeframe ;) No delays and No excuses. Risk-free money on demand!
Extensive Support Materials
From step-by-step videos that walk you right through your first profitable bet to a guidebook that answers every question you could possibly have, we've got you covered. Should you still have any questions, don`t hesitate to contact our responsive and friendly customer support! Because remember: There can be no stupid questions! We honor the 'Customer Is King' principle. Feedback is also more than welcome because we all work together and we are allin the same boat.
Kills The Thrill of "Gambling"!
"Unfortunately" you're going to win every arb you do now, so for the gambling addicts out there ,that`s bad news because you won`t feel the *lol* "thrill of possible losses" anymore... How about exchanging that with the thrill of a filled up bank account? Hope you can live with that ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this really work? How come I've never heard of this? It sounds too good to be true!
A: You see all the proof here on our website with your own eyes, don`t you? All of the proof elements on this website are 100% real - the table and arbitrage data are indicative of the arbs provided by our software and once you get your own copy you will see the same results as well. You may never have heard of this because we are the only ones (as far as we know) who automate arbitraging in such a way that it yields awesome results for everyone who is using it. This is not some cheaply assembled quick tool or a backyard kiddy operation... we are a full team of programmers that took MONTHS to develop this software according to our specifications.
Q: It seems to work good now but what about the future?
A: We use this software (yes, EXACTLY this software) to make our own money.. Obviously, we perfected the art a little bit by running a full-scale betting operation raking in tons of money with several workers betting on our behalf, but at the "core" it is the very same software. Mark my words: This software will not become outdated nor cease to work because a full team of developers has been hired to:
keep it up to date by adding new bookmakers, changing routines, researching new possible arb situations, and so much more! The only thing that might change is that it will get more effective and earn even more money! That's our mutual goal :)
Q: How can I make sure I always use the latest version?
A: The software AUTO-Updates itself meaning once you fire it up it connects to our servers and upgrades itself to the latest version including new routines, new bookmakers, and eventually changes/fixes. We take care of everything so that you can milk as much coin as possible!
Q: But I don`t know anything about gambling or sports. I just want to make money!

A: So what? :) We're not particularly interested in sports either - and we certainly don't gamble here (seriously!). Obviously, if you're a sports fan you're going to love it even more, but for us it's enough to know that we are filling our purses with every event. As long as you know that every game has a winner or a loser or a draw and that there are 2 contestants... that's all you need!

The software tells you exactly what to do and where to do it.. all the number crunching and calculating is done for you.. you see how much you're going to make right before you.. well "make" it.

I seriously believe this is the easiest money you can make... ever!
Q: I've bought so many E-books and systems and nothing worked.. why should I risk this?

A: Remember how all of those so called "gurus" keep promising you millions and at the end of the page you see a message that says " results may vary and are NOT typical... your earnings are dependent on the effort you put in and...bla bla bla" OH PFFFFFFFFF!!! COME ON!!

They do this because they know it's not working and they want to protect themselves from the angry mob. When somebody complains, they just refer to the caviat and say: "We didn't make any promises!"

It's unethical and shady and it really enrages us.

This, my frustrated friend, is the only business opportunity on the globe that let`s you make EXACTLY as much as we make because you can only use it EXACTLY the way we do .. there is no opportunity for failure.. you do it and gain the cash the arb gives out- that's it. Absolutely NO WAY to fail... now what business do you know of that is as fail safe as this? I BET none!

And don`t forget that the risk here is on us and not on you. Why you ask?

Why We NEED You To Succeed And Why We Put Everything We Have On The Table

Please understand this: 100percentwinners is our "baby" so to speak. A "make-money-from-home" project of this magnitude has never been undertaken before and we are extremely proud of it.

We KNOW it works and we use it every day to make money. But it`s really not important what we think... it's important what YOU think!

Not only is the concept pretty clever and the idea behind it a one in a million affair, but it's also unique in terms of its execution. You will experience this as soon as you fire up the software. You will FEEL the difference in every screen and in every menu.

Now what's very important is that we are together in this.. what you MUST realize is that this is a WIN-WIN situation, but only if WE deliver or even OVER DELIVER on our claims and promises. 100percentwinners is a subscription based model, meaning: If we cannot make you money you simply cancel and leave... No gain for anybody. We really couldn't care less about a 1 time payment of a few bucks... No SIR, we want you to STAY and become a happy camper!

If we make you SUCCEED... You are going to stay with us and help fuel further development, which will fill ours and obviously your wallet too, and everyone is going to be VERY happy. And trust me when I say.. That`s EXACTLY what you're going to experience with us! I can honestly say:

We are going to change your life! You WILL see a working, flawless system. You WILL see perfect execution and most importantly, your wallet can benefit from it. That's a promise.

You Are Fully Protected By Our
Sixty Day Money Back Guarantee!

The risk is on us.. this is as if you walked into a car dealers store and took a Ferrari F40 for the weekend.. You take it for a ride, you spin the wheels, you have the time of your life, and you walk out of the store without paying a single penny... A few days later the dealer is going to call you up and say:

He: Dear Sir, you rented our Ferrari F40 for the full weekend and we hope you enjoyed the ride. Now the bill is $ 3,200. Would you like to pay?

You: No, I did not like it.

He: Okay Sir, have a nice day *click*

That`s not happening to anybody!... not to rockstars and not to film idols.. but it IS happening to you right here and right NOW! You take a ride with the software and if you don't make money during 60 days of testing you get the money back. Absolutely RISK-FREE! (for you, not for us).

Now please mark my words here: This is the one and ONLY system on the planet that allows you to make money right here, right now with Zero Delays and Zero Excuses.. it takes no setup time, requires no website building skills or external resources and you make close to what you see on the screen.. upfront! There`s no room for speculation... it`s a push button software. You can duplicate our success click by click!

Warning: You MUST understand that You can NOT make such amounts RISK-FREE with any other system - be it affiliate marketing, betting systems, mlm programs, or money managers in stocks, bonds or forex because every arb you place here..

Is Profitable.
And proven Over
the Long Run! And..
You Know Upfront Upto How Much You Make... No Surprises

Now let me see, getting money at any time of the week, be it day or night and getting as much as I need... for me that seems like the exact definition of...

Have A Look What Some Of Our Betatesters Had To Say!
(Note: All Testimonials are 100% Legit And Verifiable!)

Note: Avi Frister has done a ton of products and product launches in his life. He is a very successful marketer and has become a great friend! He lives in Tel Aviv and we met in person on Samui, toasting a few Chang Beers :)

Note: Fred (name changed for private reasons) is a great IT specialist and not a big fan of exposing himself.. he agreed to give his verdict, however, in exchange for a copy of the software.. now he's using it successfully... and Fred? Linux might be an option for the future so don't worry ;)

Calculate Profitable Arbs For You On The Fly!

Generate arbs on your favourite sport events, wherever you're at a casino or a sports-bar or even at home!

Calculates "Two way outcome Arbs" and even "Three way outcomes" including handicaps!
Enter your E-mail below to download this handy gadget.

Works on any platform: PC, MAC, Linux, Mobile phones, Android, iPhone & iPad

Download Arb Generator now!
Ps: We hate spam. Your E-mail will never be sold or spammed.
Few months ago we gave our software to a group of private betatesters. The requirement was: no betting experience whatsoever. Here are their results:

Now the price tag is going to surprise you... and it was not easy for us... You've probably gotten the idea by now that this is no quickly assembled garage operation, but a fully fledged "get-out-of-the-rat-race" money-making system..

How to put a price-tag on a tool that gives you a shot at FINANCIAL FREEDOM?. We also didn't want to pull off a "gurus" B.S. move with the typical "regular price was $10 million now its $50 bucks "just for you" Lies...that`s really a lousy way to incite urgency and in our book, it insults you as a customer.

Are we really going to charge a ridiculously exorbitant price for our software? The answer is "NO" and there are several reasons why. First of all, not everyone out there is capable of dishing out such a large sum while still having enough money left over to place bets... and secondly, we want to prove that we are 100% legitimate... So after a long back and forth debate, we decided to SLASH the price and follow another business model!

We are only going to charge a one-time fee of $49 and then a monthly maintenance fee of only $19.99! The small monthly fee will ensure that we have enough resources to keep perfecting the "arb art" so to speak, add more bookmakers, add more arb situations, + tons of features to come... So we keep you as a customer and we never stop feeling the need to prove to you month after month that we really practice what we preach. Our goal is that you make thousands of dollars every month for a long time to come and that you remain a life-long happy customer! You will be getting a software (that we could've valued at a higher price) for only 49 bucks... and we know that we will only retain you as a customer if our software keeps making you truckloads of cash! That's a WIN-WIN... ← arbitrage situation! NO ONE can lose :)

It`s decision time...

You have 2 possible options as I see it... you can either


walk away from this page and forget such an easy moneymaker existed... and go on with your life as if nothing happened... same routine, same old life... maybe trying to make money with a website or work your back off trying to get on Google or simply slump back and admit defeat..



You take up this once in a lifetime chance to break the cycle that held you hostage to all those fake promises "guru" claims and insanity.. and start doing something that gives you real, tangible RESULTS!

In about 60 minutes you're going to have your software setup with 5-70% guaranteed win arbs rolling in and ready to make money.. no investments, no websites, no bullshit of any kind...

HOWEVER, do not delay your decision.. We need to close the doors soon to avoid saturating the market...

You really don't want to miss the boat here, lets get started! Just sign our... 100% Full Disclosure Form

YES! Steve, Mike, I am ready to take up this opportunity to become an "Arbitrageur" under your guidance and start making income RIGHT here and RIGHT now. I understand that the spots are limited and that I am at the right time in the right place. Not only will I get the up-to-date arbing software you developed and use it to make safe and risk-less gains everyday, I will also get updates and modifications to ensure a continuous revenue stream.

I am taking you by your word, Steve and expect not only an easy setup and guide manual but also video tutorials and stellar support should I have questions. I know I am taking a risk-less approach as I am fully protected by a 60-day money back guarantee which basically makes this "investment" a no brainer.

One-time fee of only $49, followed by only $19.99 monthly

The Software can be downloaded in just under 2 minutes. You will get INSTANT ACCESS to 100Percentwinners and all Guide/Video Material right after your purchase. For any queries or questions, please feel free to email us at You will be answered asap or within 12 hours.

See what other people are saying about 100PercentWinners:
ade. says:
Hi Great Team, Thank you
very much for your great new product. I've just begin to establish
accounts, and following the arbs. It seems very good.
David T says:
Dear Steve, Mike and team,

You are all too busy to read a long letter of thanks, so I'm just letting you know how grateful I know I'm going to be to you all.

Congratulations on a wonderful product, with which I shall soon be conversant, I hope.

Your hard work in developing the software coupled with your very generous attitude is something very special; well done!

Sincere thanks and warm wishes.

David T.
harley says:
Sport: Soccer Match: Sassuolo vs Albinoleffe
Just made $47 profit on 1 bet! keep rocking!
Good job!
henry says:
What makes you different from other services?
100Winners is a proven service that works. I would not waste your time by telling standard hype that we are the best, the fastest etc etc.. Just let numbers speak for themselves.

A) It works. We dont only provide arbs, we bet ourselves. Other services never bet themselves. See our betatesters results live on page.
B) Our price plan is much better. To compare the prices - other arb services such as arbitragepro cost from 154 pounds per month or 415 pounds for 3 months. That is around 300 USD per month. We charge just 19.99 for basic version / 57 for upgrade Arb Finder!
Antony says:
Great! Cool stuff. I placed 3.8% arb on Stenhausmer vs Dumbarton!
11% on Empoli vs Padova and 6.4% on Sassuolo vs Albinoleffe... total profit today: 21% :) cool stuff. i use both basic and upgrade together
Good job Tony
Pedro says:
After a while doing arbs we gonna be restricted by bookies.

How 100PercentWinners deal with this?
You will not be restricted if you follow simple tips we provided in the FAQ and GUIDE.
declan says:

Can it be used 9-5pm during the day and is there an even amount of arbs in the evening time between 6-11pm ie gmt. I am thinking from the point of view of using a laptap bringing it to work to do 2 or 3 arbs during the day and place 5 or 6 during the evening.
Arbs are here 24/7 - you dont have to wait them during specific time. Just turn your computer ON when you feel like making some money with arbs!
Rick says:
Is the commission factored into the calculation before placing investment?
Most bookies dont charge any commission. Betfair charges 5% (or less if you play a lot) and 100Percent winners software allows you to set it into calculations!
The arb generator also allows you to set commission.
Bob says:
The monthly fee seems very reasonable. Is it for a minimum contracted period of time or is it only month to month with being able to get out at any time?
There is no contracted period - you pay as long as you use it. Simple as that. Then cancel any time. No tricks. With Clickbank nobody can screw you with payments.
Lars says:
Supports software all currencies when the profits calculated?
Is it possible to download new applications if you change computers?
We suggest that you open accounts in USD for easy calculations and no currency exchange.. Yes you can change computers.
Aleksandar says:
Welcome! Glad you like it
sunny says:
I just wondering, if 100% win, then who loss? Who paid or invest the money? The money from where? Sound not logic?
Money comes from losers. From people who gamble, from people who don't have any system and practice stupid guesswork.
We dont care who wins the game. We bet on both outcomes. That's why it is risk free investing.
sunny says:
I just wondering, if 100% win, then who loss? Who paid or invest the money? The money from where? Sound not logic?
Money comes from losers. From people who gamble, from people who don't have any system and practice stupid guesswork.
We dont care who wins the game. We bet on both outcomes. That's why it is risk free investing.
Zaakir Hussain says:
Hi Steve, you are a Genius and i think this will wokout well. The Logic is great and i hope this will make us 100% winner.
Thanks a lot Zaakir ! Appreciated!
david says:
does software give enough choices of bookies,if your in usa there are lots of online betting that will not take us residence?
Please see the replies in comments. Yes, we have more than 50+ bookies in support
Mark says:
which are your bookies?
Please check
eddie says:
Im from the USA and would like to know if I use the software am i in violation of any US laws? you stated in an answer in 2006 there are some laws restricting this. please help, I would like to know before wasting my money. also as a US citizens if i am limited to the number of companies allowing me to use them then what benefit or percentage of trades would
I acheive? what would the benefit be for Us citizens ?
thank you
Many bookies support US clients. You can research the laws - the only thing which is illegal is opening your own bookmaker in US. However if you are just a normal player - placing wagers is not a problem.
Marcus says:
Hello, I talk about Brazil.
Wonder if this software works for clients of Brazil?
is there any restriction for entry to the sites of bets
customers in Brazil? Thanks.
Yes it works. I have not heard any restrictions for your country but please always check yourself as well
Big George says:
What happens if you enter one leg of the bet and the the odds change before you enter the second leg. You could lose under this scenario?
No, you are not losing this way. You will recalculate the arb using the Arb Finder or Arb Generator. Check out our FAQ about the tips in the members area.
aj john says:
one question: where can i placed my bets ,any where in the world where there is a betting system ? how about the far east
We provide a detailed list of supported bookies. Please check comments or contact support.
harish chand says:
I live in Canada . Will it work ? How do I fund accounts and how do i get paid or withraw funds
Sure you can join from Canada. Other question is explained in detail in FAQ and the GUIDE.
Roni Korsani says:
Sorry am really dont have credit card number/ATM etc.
Please contact the support.
Derek says:
I can find nothing on the sales page relating to the Arb Finder or the cost thereof.
Can you please advise as to the cost.
Arb Finder is a deluxe upgrade for people who need much more great arbs! You will find info about it it in the members area
gino latino says:
i live in europe. is this system viable also for european brokers?
I live in Austria too. Sure it works for us, Europeans. Plus there are a lot of US supported bookies
Ralph says:
Indians can join this ??i dont know what arbitrage is even i dont know how to bet and what figures and nothing and i am from india here betting is illegal if i purchase this will it be legal or not??
Yes you can join too, no problem
EarlT says:
Can the odds change in the time taken between placing the first and second bet? If a lot of people using the software all jump on the same bets, will the odds change quickly?

Are there any optimum times of day to check for bets?
This was already replied before. Please kindly check out the comments. Ther is no optimum time to check for arbs. They are here all the time. Especially in Arb Finder!
Eric says:
Sounds like a great plan, but does your software except my bets and place them with all the different book makers, or do I have to have an account with 100's of book makers to place bets. If that is the case, then u need $50k just to set up accounts? Also, how does this work for US customers?

Thanks, Eric
Eric, you dont need accs with 1000 bookies. You can start with 2-4! Yes it works for US customers. Please contact support if you need detailed replies! We are here to help
Gil says:
I have never done this. first time hearing about it... how do I benefit if I buy this thing?
Making money risk free is a good benefit, isn't it? Not sure what I can add to the whole detail information we provided on this page for you :) All proof is here!
Pascal says:
What is, if you set to One Winner on Bookmaker 1 and the other as winner on Bookmaker 2! But what's happen if they play 0:0 ?? then you loose on both bookmakers??
No. Such arb type you mentioned is possible on Tennis only where there is no draw. On soccer we have different kinds of arbs. For example 1-x2. This means in first bookie you place on victory of team 1 and on the second one you place on victory of team 2 or a draw. so all outcomes are covered and there is no risk!
Nick says:
Do bookmakers charge a fee for withdrawal of money? If they are then that will reduce profit by a lot for small investors.
Normally they don't. Check with the current bookies you are using
yochanan says:
can you show live account ( a full report ) last 3 month?

So that I can see the real results.
They are on the page, scroll up. Or just go to
Mike hammer says:
Can I purchase it from a different computer than the one I'll be using?
Yes sure Mike
Zai says:

What would happen if halfway thru placing the bet. the arb change?
Please check out FAQ and Tips page and GUIDE. that is covered in detail.
dee says:
I have always been interested in arbitration and I have even orderd some programs online before. I really like the sound of your software but what makes you different from others. Any program I signed up to before, evertime I went to place the berts the odds had changed so I could never get my bets on even if I went to place the bets the minute the arb selections came in??
I would not say normal bla-bla that we are the best. Just check our betatesting result. Let numbers speak for themselves. It works. Period. True that sometimes odds change, but that is not a big deal. You can recalculate them on the fly with Arb finder or Arb Generator!
Laurence says:
how many bookmaker accounts do I need to fund to have ready to place a bet?
You can start with just 2-4!
Georges says:
Hi steve,
The people who live in france, we can't open an account with betfair or betus... Have you a solution about that?

Yes, we have over 50+ bookies in support. Check out our bookmakers page
Naresh says:
Naturally this will depend on how many bookmarkers you open an account with correct?
No, you can start with just 2-4 bookies and add more later!
Heinrich says:
Yuhuuuu I am the first? Can`t wait to make money !
arber jack says:
With sure bets you should always win! It's just hard to find them. great that finally there is a software for that. just joined too.
leo man says:
Should we round the bets ?
When calculating how much to stake on each bet, arb calculators usually return figures such as $24.53 and $35.47, or $11.78. It is entirely up to you whether you want to place these exact figures. This would provide you with an exactly equal return. However, some people like to round their stakes to \"normal\" figures, such as $25 and $36, or $12. It has been suggested that uneven stakes can alert bookmakers to the fact that you are an arb trader, whereas rounded stakes look more \"natural\".

However, it has also been suggested that bookmakers review your betting history on a profit/loss basis and scrutinize what events you bet on rather than whether your stakes are whole numbers.
armany says:
How many arbs do we get.
In the last week there have been 1839 arbs and the average arb profit was 2.7%. The top arbs were:

Sam Querrey vs Viktor Troicki / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 11:45 pm 22.14%
Marcel Granollers vs Michael Llodra / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 9:19 pm 64.85%
A Pavlyuchenkova vs P Kvitova / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 9:14 pm 23.12%
A Bogomolov vs J Isner / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 6:59 pm 19.27%
Mardy Fish vs Richard Gasquet / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 3:57 pm 23.45%
Alex Bogomolov Jr vs John Isner / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 7:03 am 38.91%
A Petkovic vs I Benesova / Tennis / 26-Mar-11 10:39 pm 28.89%
M Baghdatis vs O Rochus / Tennis / 26-Mar-11 7:29 pm 47.90%
Andrew P. says:
Just joined too. looks good so far!
garry says:
i like the concept of arbing. just joined too. members are looks well made. good job guys. tons of info!! P.S. I am from Germany!! See you soon!
alex says:
Do you offer any guarantee?
andrew says:
Can this Sports Arbitrage software use for USA Sports Bettors and USA Sports Bookmakers (USA sports bookies ) ?
Here is the full list of SBR world bookies (400+bookies). As you can see only a few of them don't accept US clients (they have crossed US flag mark). Other bookies accept US clients:

The list of 100PercentWinners supported bookies is here:
mario says:
i have been following arbing for 3 months and find this profitable. i place 2-3 arbs per day, defo join you too.
JESS says:
henry says:
What is the price? I am IN!!!
The price is $149 onetime setup fee and just $19.99 for monthly service as long as you use it.

To compare the prices - other arb services such as arbitragepro cost from 154 pounds per month or 415 pounds for 3 months. That is around 300 USD per month.
dan2002 says:
damn, this is crazy awesome idea guys! but where is the list of bookmakers supported?? do any accept US clients??
Please check the list Nearly half of them accept US clients no problem
fierra says:
So I saw the example so when you make the investment in both teams do you get to keep all your money plus the profit or do you lose from one and keep only one profit
Please see how arbitrage works here:
mark says:
i am a pro arber and testing 100winners as well as a betatester. So far so good.
kun 1976 says:
Really interested in ur Arbitrage software, reserve a copy please!!
d.. says:
Hey I'm very interested in this new launch and can't wait to see its action in live.
Jason says:
Wow, great idea and fair price. thanks guys! I used arbitragepro before and they are good but damn expensive (145 pounds per month!!!) and you offer much more and cheaper!! thanks for the opt! cool stuff
dave says:
Can we use this software and bet any sports playing all over the world?
Not \"ANY\" sport but only soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball and several others that are profitable and produce arbitrage bets.
David says:
If many people use the same method and bet on the same thing at the same time over and over again, doesn't it mean that the market will be fulled
and we can't no longer be able to take advantage of this?
Yes, this may happen so we limit the number of copies. However there are hundreds of new arbs appearing every day so there are a lot of opportunities for everyone to make money here. The market is really big. So no need to worry about it.
hern says:
I noticed some team names have typos or spelled wrong. Why?
We have over 17,000 teams in calculations and nearly 600 new teams are added by the grabbed and added to the database daily by the script. Most bookmakers spell the team names differently, sometimes even on different languages for international team. That's why it's humanly impossible to check all teams that fast and therefore the team names may contain wrong spelling and typos.

This is not a problem because besides the team name you have a lot of other useful info such as another team name, date, time, championship/league etc, bookie odds - which helps you to find the proper event.
S.Fundor says:
I love the idea of guaranteed profit by betting on all possible outcomes!! Will give it a try. please reserve a copy!
muhmed ali says:
Do you have free trial?? I have no money
No, we do not offer free trials of our arbitrage services.
We believe that to do so would unfairly disadvantage our paying members.

However, we have full money back guarantee so there is no risk to try it out for 60 days.
jake says:
Are you limiting amount of copies?
Yes, we limit the copies and once the counter reaches zero the offer is gone and the doors are closed. We don't want the software to spread out and limit its effectiveness.
Yang_yahoo says:
Why Aren't More People Doing This arb stuff?
Sports Arbitrage Trading is probably one of the best kept secrets there is in the 'Work From Home' marketplace. The concept is easy enough, the education is reasonably fast, the income can be substantial, and it isn't embarrassing to tell your family and friends that you day trade arbitrage opportunit!

Arbitrage trading is probably the only work at home opportunity which can make more money for the practitioners of it than it can for the people selling it.
armando says:
Should i join arb betting or not? I am not sure.
In other words \"Should i make money with no risk or not\"? Well, try to find better opportunity and when you fail, come back to us :) However we may have close the doors.
Ann1993 says:
How many arbs does 100winners provide their members with each month?
Normally you get 5-25 great profitable arbs per day depending how active the sport season is!
Mark Larsen says:
How much money can you make by doing arb trading?
Experienced skilled arb traders can make up to an average of about 30%-70% of their trading capital per month. This varies a lot though depending on numerous factors including your skill, how new your identity is (ie: have you been limited by bookmakers, and can you still claim sign up bonuses?), and how much capital you are trading with. Often newbies can bring in 20% in their first few months.

My friend - a full time experienced trader can bring in over £8,000 GBP of profit per month easily.
jakob says:
Do people really do THIS? I mean ARB betting??? Sounds too good to be true! What's the trick?
Absolutely. Some people do it casually, in their spare time in order to make some extra money. Other people invest a lot of money and trade as a full time job so that they can work from home. Sports Betting Arbitrage is not an underground secret society activity, it is well known, well practiced and very public.

The trick is - it is nearly impossible to find profitable arbs manually without the software! That's why not many people are doing it and you can be among pioneers who make money risk free.
martin says:
Should I buy an E-book on Arbitrage Trading?
There are a number of companies and organizations which offer E-books, DVD's and other stuff which is supposed to teach you all that you need to know about sports betting arbitrage. I have never used any of these E-books, so I can't say with certainty that they aren't worth having.

What I know for sure is - we provide all necessary instructions in our guide and video tutorials that you need to know on how to start! So I am sure you won't need anything extra!
Marcus says:
Do I need to be a UK resident or have a UK bank account in order to become a sports arbitrage trader? I am from Spain
Absolutely not.

Anyone residing in a country where online sports betting is legal can become a sports arbitrage investor.

The most popular method of deposit is by debit or credit card, which most people have access to. Besides those methods you can also deposit via e-wallets such as PayPal, NETELLER and Moneybookers, so a bank account is not a necessity.
Sarah says:
I am new to this. How much money can I make by investing in sports arbitrage betting opportunities?
The amount of money you can make from sports arbitrage betting depends on a number of factors. These variables include the amount (or bankroll) that you have available to invest, the size of the arbs that you invest in, how much time you have to invest, and how well you manage your money.

Realistically you can make 1-3% per arb. Sometimes you grab big arbs like 30-70%
Utah says:
Is Sports Arbitrage Betting Legal? Do you cheat bookies?
Arbitrage is 100% legal and well practiced in every sort of financial market around the globe. The only way in which Sports Betting Arbitrage is different to other financial arbitrages is that it involves betting.

You don't cheat any bookies. Everything is legal. When you place an arbitrage you win in one bookmaker and lose in another bookmaker (in overall you are always in profit of course) but for the bookmaker this activity looks like normal betting. So bookmaker is always making profit as well (with their commission which is placed inside the odds they provide).
So it is WIN+WIN situation.
gregory says:
i am impressed. give me a copy
Kate Walker says:
As a newcomer to arbitrage what I find interesting with your service is the often high profit arbs as compared to other services. This often gives a chance to get on them whereas with so many other arb services by the time you can get on to them the odds have changed, and they are gone.
Ray E says:
How does 100winner software find its arbs? I dont understand.
Using a special automated software to gather data from bookmaker sites in real-time!
ROSS, CA says:
Do 100 percent winners creators bet on their own arbs?
Sure! Because it really works. We personally use $2000 in each of the 4 main bookmakers and recommend that for serious Arb investors to ensure comfortably reaching their desired monthly profit margins and also to earn big on multiple bets at the same time.

On the other hand if you are just starting the deposit of $100 will be more than enough to feel comfortable with the system!
Gruber, Germany says:
I am from Germany. Can I place arbs without a UK bank account?
Yes. The most common way to fund a bookmaker's account is by credit card. Winnings can normally be paid back to this credit card, but you should consult each individual bookmaker's procedures for details.
SCAM? says:
How do bookmakers make money if i always win??? Sounds unrealistic to me!!! Is it a scam?
There is no trick here. When you place an arbitrage you win in one bookmaker and lose in another bookmaker (in overall you are always in profit of course) but for the bookmaker this activity looks like normal betting. So bookmaker is always making profit as well (with their commission which is placed inside the odds they provide).

So it is WIN+WIN situation.
trey1978 says:
How do i get my winning money???
Once an even has concluded, bookmakers settle bets quite quickly, usually within a couple of hours, and pay the winnings into your online account. You must then log in and request a withdrawal.
trader says:
Is better than FOREX? I trade forex with no luck.
YES! The Truth: A recent study showed that there is a fifty - fifty chance for the average investor to make money in the stocks game and forex.. basically you could flip a coin and either be in the winning or the loosing side.. its THAT hard.. So called forex robots have come on he scene that allow the user to trade money on his behalf .. some good , most scams or mediocre ... in the end loosing your investment. The truth is you need to have luck and here comes the important thing it is ALWAYS risky. You can never sleep safe because your money is always in the trades and never in your bank where it should be. The next economic disaster, another world crisis and your accoutn could be depleted overnight..
ray, UK says:
is it gambling?
It is not gambling when you will every time. You need to forget what you have been told about gambling and betting online. We practice the term SPORTVESTING...
SHARON says:
I dont care about sports too. You simply bet On Both Possible Results, Dont Give A Damn About The Outcome And Still Make Profits! That's how arb works.

Plus we have easy to use video tutorials with step by step instructions!
Ronald says:
What is F1-F2 arb??
F1-F2 is a an arb involving victory of either Team1 or Team2 with an equal, symmetrical handicap applied to both teams, but without a Draw. Please refer to the guide for more details and explanations!
Luka says:
Do you support betfair? I trust it
yes we do
mike the better says:
Should I place stakes like $24.53 or should I round them?
When calculating how much to stake on each bet, arb calculators usually return figures such as $24.53 and $35.47, or $11.78. It is entirely up to you whether you want to place these exact figures. This would provide you with an exactly equal return.
However, some people like to round their stakes to \"normal\" figures, such as $25 and $36, or $12.
It has been suggested that uneven stakes can alert bookmakers to the fact that you are an arb trader, whereas rounded stakes look more \"natural\".
However, it has also been suggested that bookmakers review your betting history on a profit/loss basis and scrutinize what events you bet on rather than whether your stakes are whole numbers.
H_2007 says:
me again... So what is exact email i can contact??
Feel free to contact us by email
H_2007 says:
do you have email support??
Absolutely! With your 60 risk-free offer of 100PercentWinners you will receive world class 5 Star email support that will answer you inquiry within 12 hours. Our expert team have been trained to the highest standards to ensure you the best possible experience with 100Percentwinners software.
lucky strike says:
Here is the tennis arb i got with 3.73% profit today
Alize Cornet vs Anastasija Sevastova!!
Rich says:
I am from US. What if several of the bookmakers in your software do not accept accounts or bets from USA residents?

Is there any benefit for US residents to buy your software, and how much of a disadvantage will we have?
US anti-gambling laws passed in late 2006 mean that some of the bookmakers that we use no longer accept US clients.

However the good news is now the US laws are changing and most of the bookmakers that we use accept US clients. For example, betED,, sportsbook,, Bodog, BetUS, marathon, betcity etc accept US clients!
Will says:
what kind of bankroll do you need?
Hi Will,

It's entirely up to you. The more you bet the more your reward is. We recommend you start with minimum $100 around £60 otherwise the gains are just too small for you to accumulate your desired profits.
Adam B. says:
Will we have video tutorials?? Support? what if i have more questions later?
Yes we do have easy to use video tutorials and dedicated email support for you! Feel free to contact us!
Hans says:
Please don't close the sales. I am from Germany and will join tomorrow!

Hans, Germany
hew lee says:
Come on! Are you seriously telling me that I will never lose a bet again? SCAMMERS! I bet you wont approve my comment.
Arbitrage bet can't lose. That's why it is called surebetting or sports investing. You can even read on wikipedia about it:

That situation occurs when prices from different bookmakes differ enough that we can back all possible outcomes of an event and guarantee a risk-free profit. So you place 2 or 3 bets at the same time on all possible outcomes and no matter if a singe bet wins or loses the other outcomes cover it so you are always in profit overall.

Look I understand the skepticism you might have. There are so many fake systems out on the market. That's why I want to give this to you RISK-FREE for 60 Days so you can use it for yourself and see the power that it possess.
confused says:
is it true?? does it really work? i was scammed before too
It it does work. See the proof for yourself. Let the numbers speak.
redhat says:
i wanna grab a copy!!
Harvester says:
Sounds good. I tried arb betting before but with manual search it is a pain in the ass. With this software it sounds like it is so easy. will give a new try.

Thanks again,
Mark the Harvester
Hungry for money!
armando says:
oh no, please please reserve me coppy. my salary comes on thursday and i will join the group!!
Maria says:
what is handicapp???
If there is a single handicap, the entire bet is resulted after the score is adjusted by the handicap. For example, consider the following bet offer;
* Mexico +1.5 goals
* Portugal -1.5 goals
The handicap for this game is Portugal -1.5 goals. If Portugal wins by at least 2 goals, bets on Portugal win. If Mexico wins, draws the match, or loses by exactly one goal, for betting purposes the bet on Mexico wins. Some handicaps will be whole numbers (i.e. 0 goals, +1 goal, +2 goals). If a bet ends in a tie after adjusting for the handicap, bets 'push' and the stake is refunded.
henry kent says:
Gimme example of arb with big profit please!!!
Alisa Kleybanova vs Michaella Krajicek / Tennis / 1-Mar-11 4:42 pm 61.19%
saker j. says:
How fast can I place bets? Is in real time? Can I do it before the rates change?

One more question please!!

How much profit should I realistically see?
1. As fast as your finger moves, is as fast as you can place bets! Yes it is in real time and you can bets right before the bookmaker wants to decide to change the rates.
First bets will take you 2-5 minutes to place if you are totally new in betting and never did it before. You will simply follow our video tutorials. However after 1-2 days of simple practice you will not spend more than 20-30 seconds placing a bet! It's really easy.

2. Typically you should see 1-2% on your returns on each arb. That's for every bet that is placed. And you can place dozens of them each day making realisticly 10-30% of profit each day. Sometimes you will catch huge arbs like 30-70% which don't stay long but still can be placed!
chuck says:
If this software really works the way you are saying it does, why are you selling it? Why not just keep it for yourself?
Because it's effectiveness doesn't take away from our profits or how fast our earnings grow. I have seen firsthand what bookmakers do to punters.

There is also impossible to detect the software for the bookmakers because the users will look like normal betters. When you place an arbitrage you win in one bookmaker and lose in another bookmaker (in overall you are always in profit of course) but for the bookmaker this activity looks like normal betting.

However we limit amount of copies so this offer won't stay long.
arber says:
What is 1-X-2 arb??
1-X-2 is a three way arbitrage with outcomes of victory of Team1 OR a Draw OR victory of Team2
redzen2007 says:
how can i buy it! i want to buy it too
Charles says:
Throughout internet history arb software has been frowned upon by the bookmakers and they have always put safeguards in place for arb sniffers. What makes this software any different? As soon as this software comes out the bookies will have their braniacs make a sniffer and close the accounts of those using it.
100PercentWinners uses over 10,000 Proxy servers which are checked every 10 minutes that's why software cannot be detected by Online Bookmakers. It does however always stay upto date with the integrated bookmakers, Price feeds and can determine Arb Bets regularly so there is no way they can disconnect our software from providing these selections.
Lee says:
Do I need to be sat in front of my PC / Laptop all day connected to the internet ?
No. You can turn it on any time you want to place arbs and make profit.
jessica says:
could you explain arb types please?? I dont understand that
This is explained in user guide and video tutorials.
for example:

1 - 2: This is the simplest and most common type of arbitrage. In 1 - 2, you will need to place a bet with your first Bookmaker1 in favor of the victory of Team1 while placing the opposite bet with Bookmaker2, i.e., for the victory of Team 2

1 - X2: Bookmaker1-> Victory of Team1 vs. Bookmaker2-> Draw Or Victory of Team 2

1X - 2: Bookmaker1-> Victory of Team1 OR DRAW vs. Bookmaker2-> Victory of Team 2

Total: Total amount of goals in the Game. Example:
Bookmaker1-> Goals Over 2.5 vs. Bookmaker2-> Goals Under 2.5
betatester mike says:
I am betatesting too. Here are my latest arbs:

A Morita vs J Groth / Tennis / 4-Mar-11 10:00 am 10.72%
Anne Kremer vs Michaella Krajicek / Tennis / 4-Mar-11 8:16 am 1.55%
Ivan Dodig vs Philipp Kohlschreiber / Tennis / 4-Mar-11 4:32 am 0.92%
Alize Cornet vs Anastasija Sevastova / Tennis / 4-Mar-11 1:44 am 5.44%
Bojana Jovanovski vs Jelena Dokic / Tennis / 3-Mar-11 11:22 pm 0.19%
Croatia vs Germany / Tennis / 3-Mar-11 5:11 pm 1.03%
Joachim Johansson vs Teymuraz Gabashvili / Tennis / 3-Mar-11 5:09 pm 1.50%
Mikhail says:
how long do arbs stay??
Arbs with huge profits (like 70%) usually don't stay very long but smaller arbs can stay for several hours and even days. And you can easily place them with no rush.
nagar says:
you say minimum is 1%-2% what is the maximum percentage of arbs might get?
You can sometimes get Arbs that are as high as 70% but these don't happen everyday. Here is an Arb of 45.21% we had on a tennis match.

A Kremer vs M Krajicek / Tennis / 4-Mar-11 8:52 am 26.39%
Anne Kremer vs Michaella Krajicek / Tennis / 4-Mar-11 8:34 am 15.19%
K Pervak vs L Hradecka / Tennis / 3-Mar-11 11:20 pm 45.21%
Frederick Douza says:
It's not a scam. Moreover we have full money back guarantee.

Why risk free? Using a technique commonly known as \"arbing\" or \"surebetting\", it is possible to use the differences in odds provided by various bookmakers on selected events to make yourself a guaranteed Risk Free Profit.
Anny says:
I am new to this.. What is 100PercentWinners software? How does it work?
This software is an Arbitrage program and it is specifically designed to give you the upper edge while betting on your favorite sport. It scans different bookmakers and finds opportunities for you to bet safely on various arbitrages that are available at that point in time 100PercentWinners finds and calculates arbs at different bookmakers much better and faster than you would, manually.

A bettor may spend a lot of time using manual detection of arbs at bookmakers. Just think, you have to search a multitude of lines, calculate all possible arbs by means of special mathematical formulas, calculate the sum of odds and profit of every bookmaker. Besides, a bettor does not always have time to place stakes on the arbs he's found because the betting rates are constantly changing.

All these are functions our program does instead of a bettor. You just have to look through the figures on your screen, choose the arbs, the amount of the stake and BET by clicking the button. And even if you are not registered on bookmaker's sites, our software has this function.
habr says:
1. If I win how quickly do bookmakers return my money (winnings)?
2. Will bookmakers always pay out?
1. Once an event has concluded, bookmakers settle bets quite quickly, usually within a couple of hours, and pay the winnings into your online account. You must then log in and request a withdrawal.

2. As with every business, there is always the chance that a bookmaker can go bankrupt and take your money with them. However we only use bookmakers that are well-established and we trust them with our own money.
Sam says:
Do bookmakers limit arb traders accounts? Can it be avoided?
Bookmakers should not care why you place your bets, as long as they make a profit (their percentage). Some people say that bookmakers don't care if you're an arb trader or not.
If you worry about it you can round your bets to hide the fact that you are arb trader.

For example instead of $12.89 bet place rounded $13 so it will look like normal bet to be on the safe side
mike zit says:
How many bookmakers accounts do I need to open?
At least 2. To take advantage of all the arbs that we deliver, you will need to open accounts with most of the sportsbooks we monitor. However, in practice a smaller number of approximately 3-5 bookmakers are used for the majority of arbs.
tester says:
I got really interested when I first heard of sports investing and decided to test 100PercentWinners software.

The software gives an opportunity to make a guaranteed profit from selected sporting events without ever risking a penny with sports arbitrage. Since arbs represent guaranteed profits, you are not really gambling at all... and that's why it is called Sports investing.

The software gives you a great variety of arbs to choose from on sports like soccer and tennis.
Jess, France says:
is this for any country? I am from France.
Yes, it works for any country.
marcus petrelli says:
thanks steve, will join too
kui lai says:
i am not clear how does software get arbs??
When 100Percentwinners connects to our server, this is where it will automatically find new bets. It scans all 6 of the integrated bookmakers site's to identify errors in the odds to determine new Arb selections. It gives you the profitability for each bet so it will be easy for you to decide the selections you want to earn on
Helen S. says:
I dont know anything about sports.. Is it for me?

What are bookies?
I dont care about sports too. However I still make money on each arb. It's not about sports at all. It's about making money risk free.

Bookie is just an abbreviation of the term 'Bookmaker', i.e, an organization that accepts bets and may pay winnings depending upon results of the sporting event such as soccer, basketball, horse-racing, etc. In Arbitrages, you will need to open accounts with at least 2-3 different bookies.
new_to_this says:
I have several questions:

1. How long prior to a event starting are your arbitrage alerts?
2. How much information does each arb alert contain?
3. How much money do I need to start??
1. Typically arbs will be for events that are 3-12 hours ahead. Sometimes even a week ahead!
2. Our arb contains detail the bookmakers involved (including links to the websites), the event and selections, the odds at which to back the selections, and the percentage profit to be made. It will also calculate the stake amount for you!
3. You can start with as little as $100
However the more you put in bookmakers the more money you make on each arb.
chad says:
Do i need fast internet? can it work offline?
Sure you need internet access to place arbs. Our software connects to the server to grab the arb and calculations for you. The faster the internet the better... Bookmakers' websites would load faster and therefore you would have more time in which to place your bets.
greg sw. says:
I am testing it too. yesterday got 23% arb on soccer. cool stuff.
Grace says:
How long does it take to place an arb?
Once you know what you're doing and are used to placing the bets it should take under 3 minutes to complete from the time you receive an Arb.
mike says:
How can i be a betatester?? i want it too!!
Erik Anderson says:
Do you have money back guarantee? what if i dont like it?
Yes, we do have 60 day money back guarantee! There is no risk.
scam says:
How is it possible to achieve 100% Risk Free Profits? Sounds too good to be true. Is it a scam?
It is not a scam. Using a technique commonly known as \"arbing\" or \"surebetting\", it is possible to use the differences in odds provided by various bookmakers on selected events to make yourself a guaranteed Risk Free Profit. You an even find this information in wikipedia!
adi says:
Thanks Steve! I will try it out. I was always tempted to try arbitrage.
AppMasterer says:
sounds like a great idea!! reserve me a copy!
martin trenton says:
Maybe someone asked already, sorry about it.. the question is why do you call it fancy term \"Sports Investing\" and not gambling?
Answer: offers our members the opportunity to make a guaranteed profit from selected sporting events without ever risking a penny with sports arbitrage. Since arbs represent guaranteed profits, you are not really gambling at all... and that's why it is called Sports investing.
dan says:
is it for real?? testing comments.
Yes, it is for real. The comments are real too :) Feel free to ask specific questions.
laura lorris says:
sorry i am new to this... what the heck is arb?? i have no idea
A sports arbitrage situation occurs when prices from different bookmakes differ enough that we can back all possible outcomes of an event and guarantee a risk-free profit, no matter what the outcome. Sports arbitrage opportunities are often refered to as \"arbs\".
John Relison says:
If I select 2 famous bookmakers like pinnacle and bet fair will I get good number of arbs everyday? if not what is minimum bookmakers we need to register with?
Yes, you will get about 7-10 arbs a day on average and when the season is active you get a lot more. You need minimum two bookmakers to use 100percentwinners.

Most arbs come with Betcity, Pinacle, Betfair and Marathon
john says:
As the profit percentage is 1%-2% and when the odds change there will be a risk of bet going into loss? How do you tackle that?
John, There is 'min. odds' field near the 'bookmaker odds' field. This is minimum odds for getting profit. If your current odd is lower than minimum simply ignore the arb! This way you will never lose!
George jr. says:
Do bookmakers accept US clients? I am from US!! Will it work for me?
We checked - most of bookmakers like betED,, sportsbook,, Bodog, BetUS etc accept US clients :)
Sandor says:
Reserve a copy for me please. I am on trip this week. please please!! next week i will join
david chen says:
good job on arb softwre. i was always interested to try. sorry for my english.
leon1976 says:
I am betatesting 100winners software for 1 month and getting about 10-13 arbs per day. normally 1-2%. sometimes 4-5%. Also I got 47% arb last week. looking good so far
I tried arbs too and liked the concept. I placed £432 at StanJames on Derry City to score first, £124 at Bet365!
Frank says:
Steve, I have no problem with letting people know about the sports betting form similar to traditional arbitrage, in fact I think it is a good thing to give people the information necessary to utilize this particular investment strategy. I utilize it myself.

This strategy is solid, it is legitimate and it is profitable.

The information you present is accurate and will stand up very well.
RoN says:
Great idea!!! thanks Steve, I will defo join!

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